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A Unique Business Proposition

Danars Healthcare represents selected glove factories in Malaysia, Thailand and China. We represent a broad range of factories to provide the best price and value. 

These factories comply with the major US and EU international glove performance standards as well as the required social, labor and environmental protocols. We analyze the needs and strategies of our customers. Then we custom fit factories to develop our customers brands and markets. 

We excel as a sourcing company and provide expertise to develop markets  and brands of our customers. Our knowledge in gloves global supply, distribution and branding is derived from the years of experience by the owner-entrepreneur of Danars Healthcare. 

Hence, we are in a position to advise our customers to custom fit the right factory for a specific glove product for a dedicated market segment to suit country specific competitive conditions.


Multi - Sourced from Factories in SOUTH EAST ASIA and CHINA

The global glove business has undergone radical change post COVID Pandemic. The demand and supply trends in the global glove industry are volatile and dynamic. 


Every customer needs to be agile and flexible in responding to changing price and consumer behavior practices. 


The era of depending only on one country or factory as the sole supply source has diminished. Diversification strategy in supply chain has become an important policy consideration for many customers. Danars Healthcare partners selected factories in South East Asia such as Malaysia and Thailand. 

Next year we will add factories from Vietnam and Indonesia to strengthen our supply chain diversification strategy. Our office in China has facilitated selection of suitable glove factories there that offer competitive priced gloves for specific applications. 

Hence, we provide options to our customers to select from a broad range of factories in different countries to provide the best price and value. 

Danars Healthcare SEA presence

ASTM Certified and FDA Approved

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The factories selected are registered with FDA and manufacture gloves that meet US ASTM and European EN standards for glove performance, quality and safety. This is the foundational criteria we insist when we select factories to work with us. The factories selected are open to independent third party inspection and audit of goods manufactured before shipment. 


Our factories comply with sound management practices as required under ISO standards. We shall furnish certificates from these factories prior to concluding the sales transaction. 


We have a policy of openness on factory information and accountability before a sale is confirmed. 


ESG compliance has become important. Concerns on modern day forced labor has recently surfaced. This creates the need to work with factories where there is high compliance to ethical practices related to labor and environmental standards. Some of the factories we work with have audited ESG compliance practices.

Flexible Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

The MOQ for glove orders is usually a container 1x20’ or 1x40’ per product type. This applies to regular glove like the blue nitrile i.e. 3.2 or 3.5g. 


However,  the heavier weighted gloves and Speciality Gloves, the MOQ could be 4x40’ container per product per order. 


Danars Healthcare works with factories with lower MOQ per product type. We allow customers Customers to integrate 2-3 types of regular glove products per 1x40’ container. 


This applies to gloves made by different factories to be consolidated in our warehouse and shipped in 1x40’ container. This enables our customers to lower their inventory costs and improve their cash flow management. 


Private Labels/Brands at the Lowest Price

One of the challenges  in today’s low demand and excessive factory capacity market environment is to offer the lowest priced gloves to our private label/brand customers. 


The availability of on-shore inventory by importers and even some foreign glove factories poses enormous challenges to owners of private glove brands. The competition is diverting customers away from private labels to purchase cheap undifferentiated box packed gloves. 


The commoditization of gloves with low price and ready on-shore inventory must be challenged by private label/brand owners. 


Danars Healthcare response to this challenge is to provide  private label/brand with one of the lowest priced gloves. 


We offer appropriate factories in Asia to source for specific product performance specs and AQL levels to compete with on-shore inventory. 

US Distribution Channel Partner

Working Together

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SR Source based in Houston, Texas represents Danars Healthcare in its customer care relations in the US. 


This company provides supply chain services including the  procurement of a variety of products and services from South East Asia. 


The strength of Danars Healthcare is in seeking and adapting to local and country  specific market needs. This is acquired through collaborative arrangements with trusted and committed national partners such as SR Source. 


Our customers will feel comfortable that their needs as well as any concern they may have can be clarified and resolved by Danars Healthcare national distribution channel partners. 


SR Source seeks to assist US companies to diversify their supply chain sources to countries in South East Asian such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. The Covid Pandemic has reinforced the need to find new supply chain diversification opportunities for US companies other than China. 


SR Source will communicate with our customers in US to understand their needs and develop relations.  No additional costs is passed on to the customer. The factories from South East Asia will pay for its services.

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