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About Danars Healthcare

Danars Healthcare analyzes the needs and strategies of our customers. Then we custom fit factories to develop our customers brands and markets. We excel as a sourcing company and provide expertise to develop markets  and brands of our customers. 

Our knowledge in gloves global supply, distribution and branding is derived from the years of experience by the owner-entrepreneur of Danars Healthcare. We are in a position to advise our customers to custom fit the right factory for a specific glove product for a dedicated market segment to suit country specific competitive conditions.


The Entrepreneur


Dr Dana

The entrepreneur behind Danars Healthcare is Dr Dana from Malaysia, he is the President and CEO of the company. 


Dr Dana has a very rich and wide experience in international business and academia. 


Over 20 years he resided and engaged in a variety of businesses in USA, Japan, United Kingdom, China and India. 


He holds a Doctorate from Oxford University, UK and a Masters degree from Harvard USA. 

He has held various positions in the Government of Malaysia as well as Universities in Europe. 


His unique experience in the medical product industry is in developing proprietary glove brands and marketing them into India and China. In the past 10 years he has successfully marketed glove brands directly to hospitals through extensive distribution channel partners into the world’s largest emerging economies. 


His familiarity with glove manufacturers in South East Asia and China allows him to custom fit buyers with suitable glove factories from this region. In the post Covid era glove supply security mandates multi country sourcing and expertise in diversification in supply chain. 


Dr Dana with his extensive experience and strong academic qualifications is most qualified to advice glove buyers how to develop brands and devise marketing strategies in a volatile global economic environment.

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